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The C.R. Vint Foundation gratefully accepts donations worldwide, to further assist in the financial, growth and awareness campaign needs of the Christian Science community.

Mostly our charitable donations come from the interest earned on our investments but if there is a greater need approved by the Board, then we will utilize some of the principal.

As a registered charity, we will provide tax receipts for all donations of $50.00 or more.

A high percentage of our giving goes towards assisting in nursing and Practitioner care. There are other areas that are of particular interest to us. We believe there is a need to focus on our youth; the next generations who will be the keepers of Mrs. Eddy's mission, and who are the voices of peace, Truth and Love in this troubled world. Also, we wish to continue to reach out to branch churches and Societies who have limited resources for building maintenance, restoration or promoting Christian Science in their communities.

You may donate to our general fund or designate your donation to a particular project, program or area of need that we support.

Donating Online
If you wish to donate online please select the paypal option. Click on the Donate button which will direct you to the paypal secure site.
If you wish to designate how your donation will be used please indicate the amount to be dispersed in the box indicated "how to use my donation".

Donating by Cheque
If you wish to pay by cheque please fill out the form at the bottom and select the pay by cheque button,
print out 2 copies of the receipt and include one with your cheque payable to the C.R. Vint Foundation at the following address:

C.R. Vint Foundation Headquarters
10 Forest Trail, Stouffville, ON L4A 2E6

Or you can download and print and mail the form in a microsoft word format here.

I/we wish to donate to the C.R. Vint Foundation as follows:





  General   $  

  Youth Programs   $  

  Scholarships (High School/University)   $  

  Nursing care   $  

  Practitioner care   $  

  Buildings   $  

  Advertising/Promotion   $  

  Total Dontation   $