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Grant Applications

Any individual, group, church or other organization who is a member of, or associated with Christian Science, may apply for a C.R. Vint Foundation grant.

The applicant must live and/or work in the Province of Ontario but that does not necessarily limit where the grant funding applies and we will consider such a request. For example:

  • a) if you have a daughter who you would like to send to a Christian Science camp but it is located outside Ontario, or even Canada
  • b) if you applied for Practitioner care support but the Practitioner resides outside Ontario

Grant applications are reviewed by our Grant Assessment Committee and you will be notified by email or telephone if:

  • a) your grant request has been approved
  • b) we need further information or clarifications
  • c) your request has been denied.

You may choose between two versions of the application form:

  • 1. click on the Online submission form to the left. Fill in the form. Once complete submit the form with the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • 2. Mail-in - if you prefer to fill out the form manually or you have additional information to send along with the form download and fill in the print version and mail it to the address provided on the form.