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Thank you so much for the decision to reimburse Sharon House for the House Practitioners' fees. Metaphysical support for the Christian Science nurses is so important to them and to those serving at Sharon House. We are truly grateful.

Our garage roof looks great; the eavestroughing was worth the wait as the sub-contractor matched the paint colour perfectly.

- Anne Sorochinsky, Administrator - Sharon House

I am able to rest and sleep and my hands are perfect. I am using a walker sometimes and am very grateful for CCAC help and Meals on Wheels. I was able to talk to local people about Christian Science and Sharon House. I am very grateful to you all for the total payment of my wonderful time at Sharon House.

- Name withheld for privacy

Thank you so much for paying my stay at Sharon House last year. I'm doing much better due to more spiritual growth. Soon I will move to my own apartment. I am able to attend church again. When I went to Sharon House I was very ill and needed nursing care assistance. The tender love of the nurses, the supportive care physical and metaphysical, plus my own prayers and studies, and the dedicated work of the Practitioner, helped with the great progress I made. I could not have done it without your financial help.

- Name withheld for privacy

"The heart grows rich in giving..." C.S. hymnal #360. The Vint Foundation's continuing commitment to uphold Christian Science healing and nursing through Sharon House is blessing Mary Baker Eddy's Cause.

- Lyn Zacker, Administrator - Sharon House

I'm so grateful for your grant funding my flight to Victoria. Aside from a great experience working with other fine Christian Science nurses on the west coast, I gained a valuable reference for my Journal application. Thanks for your continuing support of Christian Science nursing in Ontario and Canada.

- Dean Wolfe, C.S. Nurse and Practitioner

A deep thank you for your speedy and so generous gift to my request for funds to support a trip to the International Christian Science Nursing Conference.

- Rob Sherman

I want to express my gratitude for the support and funding provided by the Vint Foundation that enabled me to spend two weeks Christian Science nursing at Sharon House in Toronto. I feel my time there under a mentorship training program has enabled me to move forward with confidence in the nursing field. I am more able to advocate for the facility and encourage when the need arises for Christian Scientists in this Atlantic area to use and support this facility in the various ways that provision for care is provided.

- Nora Meyers, Chezzetcook, N.S.

Thank you so much for your letter confirming the Foundation's pledge toward the purchase of land for our parking lot extension. Once we have acquired the land, our next goal will be to pave and landscape. Please accept our gratitude for your support and good wishes. Your initial response gave us the incentive to continue and trust that such a worthwhile project would be successful.

- Nel Bolton, Clerk, 1st Church - Now Oakville Society

On behalf of the whole membership of the 1st Church, Kitchener, we would like to extend heartfelt gratitude for the most generous contribution to our ongoing restoration efforts. Our beloved and beautiful church home continues to bless and inspire us, and this gift has allowed us to focus our efforts outward for the coming year now that our finances are more accurately reflecting the ever-present abundance that is God, Spirit.

- Gillian Rees, Chair, Executive Board

Your generosity astounds us, in that you will consider further grants. We have proposals to paint the interior of the auditorium and foyer this summer, plus the re-lettering of our spiritual messages. We will be delighted if you can visit again in the very near future.

- Syd Townsend, Treasurer, Trustees - 1st Church Kitchener

On behalf of the members of 1st church Kitchener, the Executive Board wants to thank you for the generous support you have shown us over the years. We truly appreciate the financial assistance and know that the projects you were involved in are benefitting us as a congregation and our community. Most recently we were the recipients of your assistance in having a stairlift installed in our church foyer. A number of our attendees have been able to join in the services for which we are all grateful.

- Nancy Martin, Executive Board Chairman, 1st Church Kitchener

Please convey our thanks to the Board of Directors of the C.R. Vint Foundation on behalf of the Christian Science field in southern Ontario and the listening audience for the Radio Sentinel Program on CHML. The grant is greatly appreciated!

- Shelley Nickerson, Assist. Clerk - 1st Church, Etobicoke

The Stratford C.S. church would like to thank you for the grant to replace our oil furnace with a new gas furnace. The furnace has been working great! We are told we will save 75-80% of our fuel bill which is just wonderful. Since the furnace was nearly $1000.00 less than expected, we are using the money to buy a new cartridge for our copy machine and our sign at the front of the church needs repair.

- Ethel Mohr, Secretary, Board of Directors - Stratford, ON

I am looking into the cost of some kind of computer screen for the front window to stream videos from the web as well as some of our own messages. Because we are on Queen Street there is a lot of walk-by traffic at night and it would be nice to have something in the window to catch their eye. We really appreciate the financial support from the Foundation.

- Jill Brown, Chairman, Christian Science Downtown Reading Room - Toronto

We are happily situated in the centre of Toronto, opposite the City Hall and in the Sheraton Hotel, a business area and a hive of activity. Passersby include business people, lawyers, students, tourists and homeless folk, many of whom come in to find out more about us. We feel so blessed that we can reach far and wide and share the inspirational teachings of Christian Science. Some beg us to pray for them, to help their family members who may be sick or addicted to drugs or gambling, or in police custody. Many ask us to post a copy of the textbook by Mrs. Eddy. Quite often we get calls expressing gratitude for healing after they read Science and Health. We are so grateful to be able to share this wonderful way of life with the world.

- Librarian, C.S.. Downtown Reading Room - Toronto

Thank you for your generous gift which we are most pleased to have received. It will help greatly to ensure another fruitful year of Bible Lesson broadcasts on Vision TV. We have been achieving our goal of reaching out to other Canadians with the Christian Science thought. The viewing audience has grown consistently and constantly to the current level of 19,000 for the average broadcast.

We are well into the second decade of broadcasting the Weekly Bible Lesson on Vision TV. It is impossible for me to recognize this fact without also recognizing the wonderful largesse and moral support for our efforts that we have enjoyed over the years from C.R. Vint. The benefits of the broadcasts to Canadian and to the wellbeing of Christian Science in Canada are of inestimable value and we are most grateful for the generous support of the C.R. Vint Foundation.

- David A. Smith, Chairman, Joint Christian Science Committee, S.W.O. - London, ON

Your generous support is deeply appreciated for financing the setup of the new office for the Committee on Publication for Ontario.

- Wendy Margolese, Committee on Publication for Ontario and Federal Liaison for Canada

I was wondering how I would manager paying Practitioner bills, then your letter arrived. It was like a miracle had happened and it did. I appreciate the help. It's a wonderful thing what your grandfather did in establishing the Vint Foundation and blessing so many people and churches.

- Name withheld for privacy

Thank you for your financial assistance and to tell you what a blessed relief it has given to my husband and myself. I have been continuing with C.S. Practitioner help and this is upholding my strength to continue. My grateful thanks for Christian Science and knowing that Divine Love is ever present.

- Name withheld for privacy

Brenda Lengauer and Joy Dell, Journal listed Practitioners, Oshawa, Ontario

We are so grateful for the support of the Vint Foundation. It's evidence of the strength and vitality of our Christian Science community when we nurture our youth. We think of you often as we take part in the activities which you make possible for our youth. Your funding is so generously given and has such far-reaching effects. We're enclosing our yearly post camp letter to families as well as pictures. It's a bit of a window into the experiences and hopefully includes all of you in the sense of enthusiasm and joy that goes on there.

- Pat Sharp, Secretary - Adventure Unlimited Canada - Youth and Family Camps

Thank you for your generous gift to the Summit! Your support was key in our efforts and very appreciated by all participants. Considering the feedback from participants, volunteers and lecturers, and the musicians - many of whom have been to the summits - it is clear that this inspired event was a big blessing. The live music was fun, uplifting and helped the audience to connect with passages from the Bible and Science and Health in a new way. You made a huge difference to many. With grateful hearts,

- Richard Vaughan, Toronto Youth Summit Committee

One of my good friends associated with The Friends of Principia in Canada has made me aware of your generous grant to this special fund. We've had a long and happy relationship with The Friends of Principia in Canada and have been deeply grateful for their desire to help Christian Scientists in your fine country attend Principia. I've been privileged to be in Toronto on Principia's behalf a few times, and I can tell you that we treasure our friends there. We are certainly grateful to our alumni, friends and organizations such as the C.R. Vint Foundation who stand with us in this important work and actively support the "Christ idea in education".

- Robert B. Larsen, Director, Financial Development - Principia College, St. Louis, MO

Thank you for your form letter explaining the relationship of the C.R. Vint Foundation with Sharon House Corp. as well as other functions of the Foundation. It was my privilege to have the acquaintance of Mr. Vint both before and after his retirement from business; although it is my view that he never really "retired" maintaining a very active roll in the community throughout his remaining years. Thank you for all you are doing to assist this very worthwhile activity.

- Jack Beer